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Disney Princess Giant Combo

Disney Princess Giant Combo


Disney Princess Jumping Castle

Price is for local area. Please call to check the rate for your post code.

Size: Length 6m × Width 4.5m × Height 4

This Disney Princess Jumping Castle has a slide attached to the back of the bouncer. Our child hood memories are made from Disney princesses, so why not give your children the magical celebration they deserve with a Disney princess jumping castle.

This Jumping Castle is designed to allow your children to have as much fun as they’re hearts desire while keeping them safe. We are usually very busy as this is one of our most in demand jumping castles and we only have several of them available. 

  • Rain cover for keeping children dry while they play

  • Soft enough for children to play on but versatile enough for it to be safe from normal wear and tear

  • We come out to you, depending on the postcode we should be able to give you a competitive quote. 

This castle offers a happy world of smile and laugher.

At Wonderland Jumping Castles we prioritise the health and safety of your children, that’s why our experience team take care when installing and maintaining our castles. If you would like to find out more or would like to make a booking please call 04 2175 2175 or Contact Us Online.

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