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Minions bouncer

Minions bouncer


Minion jumping castle to hire in Sydney

This price for minion Jumping Castle is for 5 K radiate. The Size for minion jumping castle is: Length 4m × Width 4m × Height 3.5m

To order the minion jumping castle Call Us on

04 JUMP JUPM=  0458675867 

or Send Us an Online Enquiry.

Wonderland Jumping Castles is the first company in Australia who designed and imported the Minions Jumping Castle. It is one of our favourite Castles. This castle presents a few Minion obstacles on the bouncer. Cute Minion pillars, and a connecting arch at the front, make it look interesting for kids. This Castle, inspired by the Despicable Me film franchise is super popular. Have a look at some of our photos on our Wonderland Jumping Castles Facebook Page.

The minion Jumping Castle is available for all Sydney Suburbs.

Wonderland Jumping castles has been providing jumping castles hire for a long time in Sydney. we are the first company who designed a minion jumping castle and has already created an image of a good, friendly castle hire in Sydney. Experience celebrating your kid’s birthday by hiring a good themed jumping castle and let your child have heaps of fun!

This minion jumping castle is a bouncer only.

Unlike other boring old style of jumping castles it has a very nice elevated shapes and obstacles of the minions. There are many minion jumping castles around with simple rusted old print of characters with a bouncer inside of it. we designed our minion jumping castle with an open entry. The obstacle of the minions right on the bouncer created a lot of fun for kids.

We also have the combo minion jumping castles.

They have slide and bouncer area. we have a medium combo minion jumping castle and a large minion combo jumping castle.

You can also watch inside of the minion jumping castle in 360 degree video.

We started to create and upload 360 degree photos and videos from inside of our castles specially the minion jumping castle. This was due to emergence of some virtual marketing companies who claim to have kids entertainment businesses. Non of those companies have the actual items to hire out. In fact, they act more as booking agencies. Every time you click on their google ad or their link, they will try to sell your request to multiple kids entertainment businesses. These companies act as scammers and sell one quote for one client to many businesses at the same time.

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