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Simpsons Combo LOCAL RATE:

Simpsons Combo LOCAL RATE:


Simpsons Combo Castle

Simpsons Combo Castle is one of our cutest combo jumping castles and one of greatest kids party ideas. Make sure you check out this childhood favourite if you want to keep you children busy and entertained.


The obstacles in this castle are very unique and interesting; therefore your kids are never going to have a dull moment. This castle is very convenient for small backyards. Contact Us with our Online Form or Call Us on 04 2175 2175 to find out more.

This combo jumping castle has a rain and sun cover,  a slide on the side and colourful bouncer area with lots of obstacles to keep the children entertained and active.

Size: Length 5m × Width 4m × Height 4m These dimensions include the platform and the slide.

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